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Comprehensive Substance Abuse Recovery Services

I know how difficult it is to reach out for help and I'm thankful that you found your way here. I've helped hundreds and hundreds of good people like you overcome their substance abuse issues. Whether you are just considering making some changes, need an evaluation and want to discuss options, or are ready to begin changing your substance use behavior - I will meet you where you're at in your journey. Will you be one of the people I have the privilege of working with? Let's have a conversation about where you're at and what you'd like to accomplish.

I almost exclusively provide my services via secure video-counseling and telephone sessions. I do this for several reasons: It reduces the barriers to receiving help by lowering the cost of services, eliminating scheduling hassles, and saving time wasted sitting in traffic. It also makes quality substance abuse services available to almost anyone. There is a growing body of research that indicates telehealth services maybe even more effective than in-person care in some cases. Plus you'll never run into anyone you know or have awkward moments while waiting in the lobby! I've found that video-counseling and phone sessions can substantially reduce the anxiety clients experience on or before the first visit. If you have a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, you can almost certainly take advantage of this advancement in addiction services, no technical skills or computer knowledge is required.

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Services Offered:



I receive referrals from many residential and outpatient treatment programs to help their clients maintain their sobriety after they've completed treatment. Why do they send perfectly sober clients who have completed treatment to me for aftercare? They know that clients with a comprehensive aftercare plan stay sober longer and relapse less often. 30-days (or less in many cases) is just not enough time for most people to overcome years of substance abuse and the wreckage it has created. I can help you navigate the dangers of early recovery, continue your success, and teach you relapse prevention strategies.


Assessment & Evaluations (Including Court-Ordered & DUI)


It's hard to know which direction to head if you don't know the severity of your situation. That's why I conduct a complete alcohol and drug assessment with each of my clients. The evaluation results in a treatment plan, which maps out the path we agree upon that best meets your needs. If I determine that you need a higher level of care, or you are having withdrawal symptoms - I'll refer you to the appropriate resources. If I feel other professionals or programs may better serve you, I will provide you with a referral. There is never any long-term commitment. If you're in need of a court-ordered evaluation or need one in advance of DUI proceedings, I can assist you in a relatively short time frame. Read more here regarding court-mandated evaluations.




If you Google "addiction treatment" you'll get hundreds of pages of unethical patient brokering operations, programs promising miracles, bait and switch scams, and conflicting data on what works and what doesn't. It's difficult for the average person to make sense of it and plot a successful course forward. I have consulted with hundreds of individuals seeking help, their loved ones, and even their friends and helped them evaluate their options, make tough decisions and save money. I can provide you with a free, no-pressure, 30-minute phone consultation to help you explore your options and determine if my services or someone else's are a better fit. For more complex situations, I can provide consultation services on an hourly basis. I will remove the guesswork, educate you, and help you feel confident about your decisions.




Many clients are overwhelmed by the problems caused by substance abuse. They find it difficult to break the cycle of relapse. In substance abuse counseling my job is to arm you with new coping strategies and tools for overcoming these problems. We'll address new issues as they arise and work hard to prevent relapses. We'll make sense of the painful feelings and emotions, and combat post-acute withdrawal symptoms head-on. We'll even create a plan to help you stay on the right track at the conclusion of your counseling. While I specifically work with clients on substance abuse issues some clients with trauma or more complex mental health issues and medical problems may need additional help. I can help you find and create an interdisciplinary team of mental health professionals, doctors or psychiatrists to help you resolve more serious underlying issues.


Court-Ordered (Mandated) Counseling Sessions


If you've found yourself required to complete a certain number of substance abuse counseling sessions as a result of a civil or criminal proceeding I can help you complete those requirements. I have worked with many clients under these circumstances in California and from many other states. While the protection of public safety is the number one priority in these circumstances, I conduct them with the utmost compassion and work to provide you with a positive experience.


Drug Testing


Most of my clients do not drug test during their services. It is not a requirement. They don't drug test because they feel comfortable discussing their use with me and can be open and honest, a critical factor in changing behavior. I don't judge my clients, and I don't expect them to be perfect. There are certain circumstances however in which I may recommend drug testing. Some clients may be required to test by probation or the court. Others may need to re-establish trust with family or employers, and drug testing is one of the easiest ways to do that. Occasionally some clients benefit from an extra layer of accountability. Regardless, I can provide point-of-care (POC) drug tests for use in the home or office and can also recommend lab-verified drug testing if needed.


Are Video & Phones Sessions Effective? Learn More

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Serving California & Oregon via telehealth sessions (phone or video calls).

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If you are in crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a free, 24-hour hotline, at (800) 273-8255. If your issue is an emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. I do not provide emergency services.

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